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Утилиты Развлечения
Разработчик reduxsoft
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Want to play a joke on your friends? You secretly control the scanner!

Set the scanner to any custom words you want. Cool/Nerd, Hot/NOT, Truth/Lie.. You pick!

Have you ever wondered if a person is or isnt? Is something unusual that you just cant put your finger on? Try Scanitize.

To use, simply aim at a questionable individual, press scan and slowly wave the device up and down to scan their body. Scanitize uses sophisticated sensors to measure the body’s electromagnetic field and heat signature. The results are ready in seconds, and you may be in for quite a surprise.


Theres a nice little trick to play jokes on your friends. The scanner will always register someone as the common value, but if you tap the reduxsoft logo in the bottom right corner AFTER you press scan it will report the trick value.

To edit the values just tap the screen three times before a scan.

Point it at your friend and press the bottom corner. The scanner will report them as the trick. Then give it to them and allow yourself to be scanned. When the report comes back as normal it will really puzzle them, and maybe leave them wondering "what if?".

- Works with the accelerometer
- Great sound effects (speaker required for ipod touch 1st gen)
- Beautiful design
- Simply hilarious

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